This course contains the text from the 28 page e-book/guide that I wrote, and also contains videos to help you visualize the process of hide tanning.

**The course does not have the actual book to download. It only includes the text from the book. **


Tanning Course

This course is titled sheepskin tanning, but the methods used will work for goats, deer, rabbits, and other small game. Larger hides may require additional steps, not discussed in depth in this tutorial. However, when I do begin working on larger hides such as cows. I will add onto this course and you will ALSO gain access to that. No additional charge! It is a LIFETIME membership! 

Hi, I’m Bethany Cantwell. Farmer and shepherdess at Aurora Blue Farm

Utilizing every part of the animal, from nose to tail is important to me as a farmer. I learned to tan hides as another way to honor that animal

Finished leather has a soft, pliable canvas-like feel

Jacob sheepskin from my flock

Finn Sheepskin

Finn sheepskin on the frame and ready to be softened